Whiteboard Animation – It Draws You In

Everybody is buzzing regarding the most up-to-date advertising trend called whiteboard animation and it’s leading the marketing strategy, entertainment industry, personal interest of individuals on a whole new level.

This exciting channel of conversation is scattered over the web, where the viewer watches a series of drawings which keeps on transforming as the narrator expresses their thought.

Personally I find this type of animation captivating and have witnessed this procedure work time and time again. It leaves the crowd influenced by what they have learned and witnessed. It only proves that whiteboard animation can have a substantial influence in the viewer’s understanding on any given matter.Whiteboard animation can convey the message fast and to the point. After all, that’s the whole purpose of it.

One of my personal favourites is this beautifully illustrated animation from Blank on Blank which captures an emotional moment for Bono. Singer and campaigner Bono talks about the final days of his father’s life and the epiphany he had during the experience.

Posted on November 21, 2014 in Marketing, Technology, Web Design

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